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 The Roleplaying Process

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PostSubject: The Roleplaying Process   Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:41 am

The Roleplaying Process on The Witch's Labyrinth
This is a suggested way of doing things to get a roleplay going but it is not necessarily the only way!

Step One: The Idea
All Roleplays have to start with an idea for a story you want to play out! You can post in the Brainstorming Thread to collaborate with other members if you find yourself struggling for an idea, or if you want help fleshing out a story idea.

Step Two: Setting Up
The next stop will be at the Roleplay Chancel to make a new board for your RP idea. Having a board dedicated to your specific RP will make it easier to finish the planning out process. This is where you'll discuss who gets to play which character, where you want the story to go, as well as using it as an OOC chat board for discussions while you are all roleplaying.

Step Three: Roleplaying!
Once all your players have approved profiles, and once you have an idea all set out, you are ready to play! Go to the Roleplay Sanctuary to start a new topic (with the title of your Roleplay!) and begin to roleplay to your heart's content.


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The Roleplaying Process
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