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MGS: Madoka VS Mami
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Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:20 am

Ranking System NUd238O

Ranking System 4039562584  Grief Seeds

This is the rank that all members will start out as. You just have to join the forum to gain access to this rank!

Ranking System 4039562584 Familiars

Once you've been a member for at least a month and are active enough for other members and staff to recognize you, you will be given this rank! Basically you just have to become a familiar face around the forums.

Ranking System 4039562584 Witches

Must be a member for at least three months and be active around the boards. Once you have reached these requirements, you will PM an admin (currently Mami Tomoe or Kyoko Sakura) that you want to achieve this rank. It will be up to the admin to decide rather or not to grant this. We will review any past member issues you may have had and your activity on the forum. This may seem a bit restrictive and a tad harsh, but we want this rank to be an exemplary rank for new members. So, we require and expect a lot of the people who gain access to this rank! Once the Admin team has reviewed and decided that you are able to become a Witch, you will have to complete a task fitting of a Familiar. Once complete, you will be a full grown Witch!  Please note that this rank can be taken away if we feel you no longer are upholding the conditions required.

Yellow Star Soul Gems

This rank is our Moderator rank. This is available to those who fill out an application when Soul Gem applications are opened.
You must be ranked at least a Familiar to apply. This is so that we already kind of get to know you and see what you're like, instead of handing over a pretty important position to a stranger. The admin team will review each one and pick the member(s) we feel would be the best fit for the job.

Yellow Star Magical Girls

This rank is the forum's Administrators! When a Magical Girl position opens up, we will hold applications where you can apply for the certain position. You must be ranked at least a Familiar to apply, for the same reasons as the Soul Gem position. We will be a little more strict on who becomes a Magical Girl, at it is the most important position on the forum. The Magical Girl team will review the applications and decide together on who they think the best member for the job is.
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Ranking System
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