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 New Chat Box and Free Icons!

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Title : Bringer of Snacks
Posts : 88
Join date : 2016-05-26

PostSubject: New Chat Box and Free Icons!   Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:59 am

Check out our fancy new Chat Box Happy Jump It's now easily available on the left side of the forum! With having a dedicated and always-visible chat box, we hope that active conversations with fellow members will be a whole lot easier! Heart Pulse

Yellow Star A couple of rules to keep in mind:

Don't impersonate anyone! This should go without saying, but we will say it anyway. This is meant to be a fun and active way to keep in contact with each other, but if we find that too many people abuse the easy-to-change user name function by trying to pretend to be someone they're not, we will be forced to close it down.
Keep the general forum rules in mind! They still apply within the Chat Box, too!
Please pick a user name similar to the one you use within the forum itself, that way we can easily know who is who! Because of its location, the Chat Box isn't too wide, so I understand if you want to shorten your name, but try to keep it similar! (for example, I use just simply "Kyoko" instead of "Kyoko Sakura")

Feel free to add a picture to go along with your Chat Box chatting! To the right where you input your name, there is a section where you can put in an url. If you put a direct link to a picture, it should show up the next time you enter a new message into the Chat Box! I would suggest using a site like imgur, where getting the direct link is easy and simple! Keep in mind that, because it is so small, bigger pictures might not work!

I hope you guys like it! I look forward to chatting to you all in this new way! Heart Pulse


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Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe

Title : The Yellow One
Posts : 87
Join date : 2016-05-26
Age : 26
Location : In Charlotte's Mouth

PostSubject: Re: New Chat Box and Free Icons!   Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:51 am

I'd like to add this to this section xD I found a tumblr page called IconsinGeneral! Huge shoutout to her, because these are adorable =D The girl there is very talented at creating 100x100 icons, perfect for the chatbox! She has lots for all of our favorite magical girls, and I'm sure many others. She says that they are free to use as long as you don't claim them as your own! So if you want a cool icon for the chatbox, here are some links =D

Mami Tomoe Icons (This link also has four icons with multiple characters in it)

Homura Akemi Icons 1   Homura Akemi Icons 2

Kyoko Sakura Icons 1    Kyoko Sakura Icons 2

Sayaka Miki Icons 1       Sayaka Miki Icons 2

Madoka Kaname Icons (This one also has a few multiple characters icons)

Kyubey Icons
  (In case anyone wants the creep master himself =P)


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New Chat Box and Free Icons!
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