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 Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?

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Grief Seed


Grief Seed
Title : Puella Magi
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PostSubject: Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?   Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:16 pm

PMMM is commonly refered to as a "deconstruction" of the Magical Girl genre, or at the very least, the genre's most common tropes. This has been considered a divisive statement among fans who debate that the show could be considered a deconstruction, a reconstruction, a dark reimagining, a return-to-form, a modernization, a welcome upgrade, a pointless downgrade, or some combination thereof.

So the question is thus: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction? Is a reconstruction? Does it deconstruct then reconstruct? If it does deconstruct, what tropes exactly is it breaking down? If it's reconstructing the Magical Girl genre, what tropes is it holding up?



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Title : Homura-chan's selfishness
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?   Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:33 am

I'm not sure if it deconstructs anything. One thing is sure, it puts up a fake cute front then deals a series of sucker punches. As far as I know there are nasty things happening in other magical girl stories though when I started to watch any of them I always ended up disappointed. Sometimes the whole thing was stupid, there was no real story behind the monster-of-the-week fights, the protagonist was annoying, or the combination thereof.

Madoka Magica, on the other hand, matured to a very serious and heavy story in a few short episodes and held surprises till the end. I liked all the characters and found a long time fav too. It even inspired me to write and I genuinely care for the characters to the point I sit down with a racing heart to read the new chapters of some of the more disturbing fics I follow...

All in all, if it deconstructs anything then it's its own beginning.
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Title : Seyiku is beauty
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?   Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:07 pm

I'm not sure whether it deconstructs the magical girl genre as a whole since I haven't seen any other magical girl shows, but I do think it deconstructs the fake happy atmosphere it presents in the first couple of episodes, then partially reconstructs it, then deconstructs the ending of the anime in Rebellion.

It breaks down the tropes of:
- The characters being told how serious everything is yet nothing really bad ever happens to them (I'm not sure whether this is common in magical girl animes, but I know it's pretty common in western cartoons. Either way, it initially looks as if that will be the case in Madoka Magica, and then Mami dies and everything goes to shit).
- A seemingly unexplainable creature giving the girls their powers
- Selflessness in general (mostly with the Sayaka/Kyoko arc)
- The idea that the good side will always win

The last two are the ones that get reconstructed at the end of the anime with Madoka's wish, and consequently get deconstructed again with Rebellion.


Sayaka's Soul Gem  In case you haven't noticed, I really like Sayaka Miki.SayakaSayaka's Soul Gem
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Title : Holy Knight Maiden
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?   Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:33 am

I personaly believe that Madoka is rather 'distortion' than deconstruction. It makes the laws of magical girls genre darker and more serious. 

Deconstruction is usually seen well in parodies. As for magical girls genre good example is Binan Koukou, it shows many of absurdities of the genre...

...Is what I planned to write but after seeing sayakasfav's post I think that maybe Madoka also is a deconstruction in some way.


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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?   

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Discussion: Is Madoka Magica A Deconstruction?
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