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 Sayaka Miki (my interpretation) (incomplete)

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Title : Seyiku is beauty
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PostSubject: Sayaka Miki (my interpretation) (incomplete)   Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:16 pm

Personal Information

Name: Sayaka Miki
Age: 15 (I know she's 14 in the anime, but I headcanon Rebellion as taking place around a year after the events of the anime, and I'll be RPing her after the events of Rebellion)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4''
Country of Origin: Japan
Family: Sayaka is an only child, and her parents divorced when she was 9. She lives with her mom, but still sees her dad occasionally. Her parents are relatively normal people, albeit a bit more relaxed than most when it comes to parenting Sayaka, and as a result Sayaka has a bit more freedom than most kids do.
Appearance: Blue hair that reaches to her chin, blue eyes, thin build. She usually wears casual clothes, unless at school or a formal occasion. She doesn't have much of an eye for fashion and she normally just wears what she feels comfortable in.
Personality: Usually energetic and sometimes even bold, but she has a hidden emotional side that tends to come out during times of stress. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and sometimes sees things in black and white. She's often very determined about getting what she wants, though it's mostly because she dislikes admitting defeat. She tries to be an independent spirit, but she feels more comfortable and safe around other people and dislikes being alone, which is a quality she dislikes about herself. She can be a bit of a perfectionist at times and can be quite critical of herself when she messes up. To most people, she tends to come across at first as outgoing and spirited, except during odd circumstances (i.e. her initial meeting with Kyoko in the anime). However, she's shy when it comes to the idea of romance and she tends to be, well, shyer around someone she has feelings for.
History: She had a somewhat normal childhood. She met Kyosuke when she was very young; their families were friends, so they hung out quite often. Kyosuke started playing the violin at a young age and seemed to have an almost instant knack for it. She met Madoka and Hitomi early on in elementary school, and the three have been best friends ever since. Madoka tended to get teased by boys at that age and Sayaka was the main one who protected her from them.
As Kyosuke got better and better at the violin later in life, Sayaka would listen to him play it often and became enamored with music of all kinds. She did try to play an instrument at one point, but gave up after a few months when it became apparent she wasn't very good at it.

Her parents divorced when she was 9. It was a bit hard on her, although their divorce appeared to be mostly on peaceful terms so it could have been a lot worse.
At some point during middle school, Sayaka developed a crush on Kyosuke. She was aware that she had some feelings for him, which she denied out of fear of being rejected and/or ruining their friendship, but she was largely unaware just how strong her feelings were for him. However, it became obvious to Madoka and Hitomi how Sayaka really felt about Kyosuke, though they also picked up on her unease about it, so they didn't bring it up with her.
Kyosuke got into a terrible accident just a month before the events of the anime. Sayaka was extremely concerned about him and visited him often.
The events of the anime happened. I don't think I need to go into detail about what happened in it since we've all seen it.
After Madoka took Sayaka into magical-girl-heaven, she was able to see and remember what happened in all of the previous timelines. Due to her time in magical-girl-heaven, she matured a lot as a person and eventually got over Kyosuke after realizing that he had (albeit unintentionally) caused her a lot of pain, and almost certainly didn't even return her feelings in the first place. She was never mad at him for any of this; she simply realized that her feelings for him had done her a lot of harm. After learning what Kyoko had done for her over the timelines, her attitude towards Kyoko improved significantly and Sayaka even developed minor feelings for her, though she is not really aware of this.
Rebellion happened. While Homura altered Sayaka's memories, her memories are buried deep within her subconscious and could potentially access them, but most likely they will come back slowly, a few pieces at a time. For now, she just has a lot of "gut feelings" about everything (bad feelings about Homura, feeling like she and Madoka have some sort of connection, etc).

Magical Girl Information
 Wish: To heal Kyosuke's hand so that he could play the violin again
 Main Color: Blue
 Symbol: I've seen it described as a crescent moon? Although I think we all remember what it looks like (hopefully)
 Outfit Description: Sayaka Miki (my interpretation) (incomplete) ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cosplayisland.co.uk%2Ffiles%2Fcostumes%2F2554%2F38335%2FSayaka_Miki_Anime_Design
(I've never been good at describing outfits)
 Powers: Healing magic
 Weapon: Sword

 Now make a test RP post as this character below!

It's mostly done, I just have to do history, outfit description, and the test RP post. I will come back to finish it at a later date.

Edit: I deleted the birthday/zodiac stuff because I'm having some doubts about my previous choices. I'll finish this eventually, I promise Sayaka


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Sayaka Miki (my interpretation) (incomplete)
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