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 Dakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Dakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete)   Sun Jul 03, 2016 1:18 am

Name: Dakota Minazuki (水無月ダコタMinazuki Dakota)
Age: 13
Birthday: September 1st
Zodiac: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 147 cm
Country of Origin: Japan
Family: She has a mother named Kokona Minazuki, and brother named Ryoto, who is a year older than her. Dakota's father left her mother when she was 4 years old.
Appearance: Dakota has pale blonde hair that reaches down to her knees. She has soft violet eyes, and pale skin. She likes to wear cute clothes, with plenty of polka dots and hearts.
Personality: Dakota is a hyper eccentric girl who believes in anything she wants, preferring not to have a closed mindset.She is a social butterfly, and craves the attention from others but actually has no friends due to her eccentricities. 


Childhood: Her childhood was normal enough, even after her Dad walked out on them. She got along very well with her older brother, who would play with her and keep her company. Even back then Dakota didn't have friends, and ruined her chances at friendship with the popular girl, Marika Yui after accidentally ruining her science fair project.

Sera Magica:

Dakota is in middle school now, and is still on her never-ending quest for friends. After being ridiculed by a group of girls, she is approached by Kyubey. Dakota contracts and wishes for friends. The very next day she is the most popular girl in school. She lives her life fighting witches until she crosses paths with Sera Komori, who has been hunting down magical girls and assassinating them. She manages to escape from Sera, and wants to be friends with her. Sera accepts Dakota, and they both hunt witches. However, it soon becomes clear that the friendship is incredibly one sided. 
Sera persuades Dakota to entrust all of her Grief Seeds to her. Sera abuses her, belittling her and acting manipulative. She even uses Dakota as bait during witch hunts.
The abuse takes it's toll on Dakota, and her Soul Gem begins to corrupt. She discovers that Sera was the prodigy student of the feared sociopathic magical girl Emiri Suzukumi. She tries to terminate the friendship but Sera declares ownership of Dakota, trapping her. 
She's about to become a witch before receiving news that Sera was institutionalized. She's finally free, and continues fighting witches, and continuing to resist the cruel destiny of Magical Girls.

Magical Girl Info

Wish: Dakota's wish was to have friends that liked her for who she was.
Main Colour: Light blue
Symbol: A bird
Costume: (i still need to design it )
Weapon: A bubble wand


Dakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete) PEynhDADakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete) NS0FLHdDakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete) 0lvOSmp
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Dakota Minazuki Profile (Incomplete)
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