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 Her name is Cecylia

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PostSubject: Her name is Cecylia   Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:23 am

Name~Her full name is Cecylia Leonora Elisabelle Śniegulewicz but let's skip Elisabelle for now
Age~She's 17 by now. Quite old, given the fact she's a Magical Girl
Birthday~May 12
Zodiac sign~Taurus (she doesn't like astrology, though)
Height~168 cm (I'm not good with other units)
Country of origin~The Fairytale Kingdo...I mean, Poland
Family~Mainly Baba-sama (grandma) for her parents are both too absent-minded to be revelant in this story. Baba-sama is quite strict old madam with weird value system
Apperance~She's got white (in fact, very light blonde) hair with shoulder length, big, brown eyes, usually half-closed (she always looks sleepless). She's very pale and she's got a mole on her cheek. For some reason, she calls it scar, but it's definitely a mole. It is said that moles are scars from previous life but Cecylia doesn't believe in reincarnation. She mainly wears pants (American English)/trousers (British English, I don't want to be misunderstood), often her pink dungarees but usually it's plain jeans. Also, she often wears a hoodie. She looks tomboyish, but she wants to be a princess. 
Personality~Due to her wish, she is quite emotionless, she doesn't feel fear nor anxiety. She does have other emotions though, but she doesn't show them. Has a perfect control over them, too (she can even decide when and with whom she would falls in love or whether she's happy or sad). She always acts in the same way. I think she's kuudere type. 
History~She was expelled from nursery school twice and once from junior high. She was always antisocial but also very talented kid. She suffered from anxiety syndrome since early childhood.
Additional information~She has always dreamt of being princess. She wants to be girly, but she simply cannot. She likes to collect small, colorful objects, such as beads or seashells. She is a member of some weird group calling themselves "The Laurants".
Wish~To be healed from her anxiety
Main color~White or maybe light pink, if white is forbidden
Symbol~It's a big, round gem surronded by 10 smaller gems around. It's the same as upper symbol on her gem in non-transformed form. The lower symbol is an ivy leaf.
Outfit~Short, white dress with four bows placed vertically on the front. The soul gem is attached to the upper bow. Long sleeves, low heel shoes. I should probably post some pictures.
Powers~As mentioned before, she can control her emotions. She does not feel fear but she is not reckless. For some reason, she can manipulate gravity to some extent. It means ability to changing direction of gravity in limited area for example. She can also create hovering platforms (just like platforms in platform games), using them as means of transport.
Weapon~an epee, it's single weapon, she cannot create multiple blades. It has name, it's 'Holy Sword Kordian the Barbarian'
There is a lot of numbers without a single word. I am sitting in front of my PC's screen, deciphering the code. The message from user Kawaii_Molly(Laurant) written in Japanese and translated into the 'secret code' that basically consisted of series of digits. 'Gloria! The Little Master has acknowledged your achievements. The City will be ours as well' Molly's way of speaking/writing was always like that. She just enjoys writing in cipher, so she often sends messages with no meaning. 'Little Master' is an ingenious kid ruling over 'this part of the Internet', he's name was Ivan_Michaiłowicz(Laurant) and he sees himself as spiritual descendant of some great and important guy just because he is Russian, and the City is some town I have never been to but Molly lives there. I don't know what Molly means by 'conquering the City' she is speaking about but it seems important. So called 'this part of the Internet' is small group of people, including me, Molly, Little Master, two magical girls other than me whom I have never spoken to, I just know they existed, also there was The DarkKnightBergqvist(Laurant), who apparently isn’t human, Piernik_PL, whom I know irl and Shinsengummy_boy with his comrades. Also, about 10 other people I didn’t know, mostly Laurants.

‘You aware that I know everything?’ I asked an Incubator that was laying on the couch.
‘Are you angry?’
‘It’s not like I care. If witches are born from despair then I’m simply not gonna despair. I don’t wanna be a witch. I’m becoming a saint, you remember. Witches and saints are opposite’
‘Who has told you so?’ – Incubator asked.
‘The Kingdom told me’
‘You sure are devoted to the Kingdom. What is the exact difference between witch and saint?’
‘Witches do revenge. Saints do forgive. They don’t grieve, don’t resent, they throw away their subconciousness, they rely only on counsciousness alone’
‘That was deep, wasn’t that?’
<Incubators POV>Cecylia started to hum some stuff, apparently having something to do with witches and saints.
<back to Cecylia's POV> with my beautiful voice i started to sing one of the most gloriously magnificent songs of the world, obviously, about a saint and a witch. Fortunately such song exists.
‘But I’m really not going to be a witch’ I said.
‘I will enjoy seeing your struggles, you know?’
‘I’m forgiving you as well’
‘As if I have done something wrong’
‘You have’

I wonder if this will do.


Her name is Cecylia 10
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PostSubject: Re: Her name is Cecylia   Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:27 am

I really liked reading through this and learning more about your character! And I definitely feel for this character in terms of anxiety and wanting to be rid of it D: It's interesting to read how her wish has shaped her too.

I think everything looks like it is in order. This profile is approved! Feel free to use her in any future RPs =)


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Her name is Cecylia
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