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 "Ultimate collection"

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PostSubject: "Ultimate collection"   Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:05 am

So I've seen the news and it seems they're going to release some music from the show in form of some album or something...Anyway, the plan is, it will feature the openings and endings (series + movies), character songs, also some music from Magia Record "special movie" and from slot machines and pachinkos. The list of songs:

"Connect" (op by ClariS)
"Magia" (ed by Kalafina)
"Mata ashita" (by Madoka's VA)
"and I'm home" (by Sayaka's and Kyouko's VAs)
"Credens justitiam"
"Sis Puella Magica!"
"Luminous" (op by ClariS)
"Hikarifuru"/"Hikariful" ?? (ed by Kalafina)
"she is a witch"
"Colorful" (op by ClariS)
"Kimi no gin no niwa" (ed by Kalafina)
"Mada dame yo"
"naturally" (by Madoka's and Sayaka's VAs)
"Akogare saita" (by Madoka's VA)
"Mebius Ash" (by Homura's VA)
"Yume oto" (by Madoka's and Homura's VAs)
"stairs" (by Mami's and Kyouko's VAs)

"Resources and contents may change without announcement"

This is what they've written on their site: http://www.madoka-magica.com/news/index.html#news43622


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"Ultimate collection"
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