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 Madoka Appreciation/Picture Thread

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Grief Seed


Grief Seed
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PostSubject: Madoka Appreciation/Picture Thread    Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:06 pm

I plan to make one of these for every girl (except Mami because she already has one!) ~

As the the title said this is a place show your love for Madoka Kaname and have discussions about her and show your love with pictures or whatever comes to mind! (nothing NSFW please  Bad Idea Sign )  

Also if you have nothing nice to say...then this isn't the thread for you~ Discussion and dislike of the character is aloud however please don't attack people for like a character you may not care for or full on hate on a character (example- Shes a worthless and dumb character ) is NOT aloud. 

Have fun!  Madoka


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Madoka Appreciation/Picture Thread
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