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 Character Profile Template

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PostSubject: Character Profile Template   Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:45 am

Profile Template

This is the Profile Template we use here at The Witch's Labyrinth. We use profiles to help get into a character's head before engaging in an RP. It also helps to keep track of individual changes a member might make for their interpretation of a character, and to act as an easy access of information for any original characters. The template appears rather lengthy at first, but keep these facts in mind:

O Only sections denoted by a star are required. Everything else is more of a suggestion for helping to flesh out a character, but they can be left blank or deleted at your discretion. You may add more if you like, but the starred ones must be present.
O Each section can be written as long or as short as you like, except for the sections titled Appearance, Personality, History and RP Sample. Those specific sections must have at least 3 sentences minimum as we feel they need a little more information.
O A code is available at the bottom of this page for easy copy-and-paste usage when making a new profile.

Personal Information

Yellow Star Name: Name of the character you are making the profile for!
Yellow Star Age: If you don't know, you can guess or simply choose what age you want them to be
Birthday:  Doesn't need to include year, to make things ultimately easier!
Zodiac: Their zodiac sign as reflected by their birth date.
Yellow Star Gender: The gender that fits your character best goes here!
Height:  In whatever measurement you want!
Country of Origin: Where were they born? Alternatively, the place they call home, regardless where they were born.
Family: Tell us about their family! Can be as in-depth or as simply as you'd like!
Yellow Star Appearance: What do they look like? What kind of clothes do they like too wear? A picture can be added here, but place include at least 3 sentences of written description!
Yellow Star Personality: What are they like? How do they react in tense situations, or relaxed ones? Are they different with friends than they are with family? Let us know who this character truly is!
Yellow Star History: Tell us about their childhood, or how they did in school. Were they popular, or perhaps lonely? How did they grow up? Are they different in the past than they are currently? Tell us all about what made your character the person they are today!
Additional Information: Anything else you want to add can go here. Otherwise, feel free to make a separate new section altogether!

Magical Girl Information
(The following only applies if your character is a Magical Girl. If not, then delete this section!)
Yellow Star Wish: What wish did they make in order to become a Magical Girl?
Yellow Star Main Color: Every Magical Girl has a color associated with them. What's yours?
Yellow Star Symbol: What shape does their soul gem take when they are transformed? For example, Mami's is a daisy-like flower shape.
Yellow Star Outfit Description: What does their transformed clothing look like?
Yellow Star Powers: What kind of powers and magic do they have? Magic in PMMM can be pretty widespread, so try to think of what your character excels in! Try to tie in with their wish!
Yellow Star Weapon: What weapon do they use in battle?

Yellow Star Now make a test RP post as this character below!
No word limit! We would just like to give you a chance to practice writing as this character! It can be of anything, but try to keep the post in the POV of the profile character only.

Can't think of anything to write about? Here is a place where you generate random prompts: Link!

Here's an easy to copy-and-paste code for you to use!

[u][b]Personal Information[/b][/u]

[b]Country of Origin:[/b]
[b]Relationship Status:[/b]
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]

[u][b]Magical Girl Information[/b] [/u]
 [b]Main Color:[/b]
 [b]Outfit Description:[/b]

 [u][b]Now make a test RP post as this character below![/b][/u]


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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile Template   Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:44 pm

Are we going to post our character profiles in here, or in another topic or we have to make a new topic for each character?


Character Profile Template 10
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile Template   Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:47 pm

Oh, good question! Please make a new topic in the Profile Nave, with the character's name as the title, when you want to post your character profile! =)


Character Profile Template QXrTAUv
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile Template   

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Character Profile Template
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