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 Some random guesses about the concept movie

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Grief Seed


Grief Seed
Title : Da SwagMaster
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PostSubject: Some random guesses about the concept movie   Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:14 pm

The following contains spoilers and jokes. Mostly jokes so don't get mad at me.

A clearer version of the trailer for the concept movie is out so now I am inspired to come up with theories and predictions. The trailer is right here if you want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhQgQbGY06A

Brace yourself as I will explain some really awesome predictions about the concept movie. I might be joking, but also serious in some parts. This is what I think will happen.

One of the more obvious thing is that Madoka is a ballerina and also has a new outfit. My guess is that Madoka got a hobby and also went shopping at one point. The trailer did show Madoka in that new outfit and my guess is that it's the paparazzi that wants that moe for themselves after the fashion show. You got to admit, Madoka is very cute so this must be an allegory about the fans who want her moe.

The fact that Madoka is doing ballet might also imply that she is training in a form of magical martial arts to not only get herself ready to fight Homura, but foreshadow the face that she is trying to get Goku to help her. The events of Rebellion matches and syncs with the events of the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods where Goku had to fight the God of Destruction Beerus. Heck, they had their movies out in the same year. Both movies involve gods and entities. Madoka is going to need all the help she needs to face Homura and who better than Goku who is hanging out with other entities in her realm when she is Madokami. That's right, as of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is hanging out with other entities like Beerus and is friends with the creator of everything. Madoka would need the Super Saiyan's help.

That giant Mami head is probably foreshadowing how Mami will die again. She would probably be decapitated because the creators of the series liked the meme and always find ways to sneak this joke in. The size of the Mami head may also foreshadow how Mami will be a floating head mentor for the new Power Ranger series or Super Sentai in Japan as a future Sentai series wanted a floating head mentor and the best person they can think of is Mami since she is a really cute senpai.

Sayaka trapped with the mask is an allusion of how Anakan Skywalker became Darth Vader in a similar fashion. Maybe Sayaka will turn evil and be a Darth Vader clone like Kylo Ren. The fact that we even see space is further proof. Could this be Homura giving Sayaka something to help her breathe in space or just giving her an upgrade? For now, let's call her Darth Miki or Kylo Sayaka.

Nagisa's might be like an angel that is hiding in plain sight and fights in secret. She might try to go against Homura in directly. There was a thing that states that Sayaka and Nagisa are like archangels to Madokami.

Hitomi turning into a magical girl is possibly false, but what I found may apply to the fairies that Madoka mentioned. Hitomi, being rich and all, builds a portal for a science project and release the Fairy Tail guild for back up by accident. What can be described as a fairy is random technically as a Leprechaun can be consider as a fairy. This might be the creator's jab at the fact.

The fact that there are some moments in space may also foreshadow the new Super Sentai series that will be space based. If there is a chance that this movie would be released in 2017, it would make sense. Heck, a Zordan Mami would be an awesome addition since you have a cute senpai as a mentor while being a spandex hero.

We all know that Homura will be the villain, but I think that the way she is behaving in the trailer is similar to Dio Brando in Part 3 of Jojo since they both hide in the shadows, can freeze time, and are monsters in their own way. Since Homura is kind of evil now, we can expect some silly out burst from the girl and it will become a meme.

Based on the last film, there might be a chance that we can find something that we can make a meme out of. With the popularity of Jojo in terms of memes, Shaft is probably gonna add something so absurd that there will be a collection of memes for Madoka once again.

The movie would probably end in a cliffhanger again that would create an uproar as Homura's action might cause disorder in the time space continuum. That may explain the out of nowhere creepy images and random sketches/line art that appears in the trailer.

The world shall reset itself to the point where it is unrecognizable and thus causing the events of Spongebob. Sayaka being an allegory of a mermaid and possibly the only survivor of this battle would give sentience to sea creatures with her blood and thus Spongebob is born. Sayaka's body then created more humans, but they will be live action humans.

So my guess is that the concept movie is a prequel to Spongebob. What do you think? I was joking.
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Title : Seyiku is beauty
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PostSubject: Re: Some random guesses about the concept movie   Fri Sep 30, 2016 2:08 pm

Pffffftt 10/10 predictions


Sayaka's Soul Gem  In case you haven't noticed, I really like Sayaka Miki.SayakaSayaka's Soul Gem
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Grief Seed


Grief Seed
Title : Da SwagMaster
Posts : 161
Join date : 2016-09-06
Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Some random guesses about the concept movie   Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:38 pm

I know right. I wish this would really happen in the next movie.
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PostSubject: Re: Some random guesses about the concept movie   

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Some random guesses about the concept movie
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